French bulldogs puppys of exotic colors

frencbulldogsSerbia Harjumaa | 16.12.2021

French bulldog puppies of exotic colors, there are 6 females and 3 males with strong skeletons, regular heads and regular teeth, are waiting for their new owners. Puppies professionally nurtured, cleared of parasites, received the first dose of the vaccine, very sociable and playful, grow and thrive under the supervision of a veterinarian. Puppies have all the necessary medical documentation. Possibility of delivery to foreign countries, provision of passports and necessary travel documents. We are always available for help in the form of counseling in education to future owners ... For all additional information, videos, pictures we send to viber, whatsApp +38163496106: Nebojsa Brinic , instagram :. @nebojsabrinic. fb: Francuski Buldozi and Nebojsa Brinic OR Viber, whatsApp +38162305392: Igor Brinić instagram: @igor_brinic @frencbulldogs_vs fb :. igor brinic

mail:fbuldozi@gmail.com location:serbia/europe

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